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How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Linda Ciampa reports on new research that shows a few years of music lessons as a child, benefit the brain for decades.

"Parents need to know that unless their children are receiving a first-rate music education, taught by teachers who know about music, their children's brains are being starved, in part, of the necessary stimulants that generate creativity in an individual.

Music can be a potent force for good in the life of a child, especially when it is taught properly and sequentially. So why music?

We teach music because it is unique and good. We teach music so that children can make their own music. We teach music because it acts in a unique way on the heart, mind, soul and spirit of the child, stimulating thought and imagination in very special ways.

These are the real reasons for teaching music.

There are, as well, some wonderful bonuses of a tangible nature which can eventuate when music is taught. It is a matter of fact that the faculty of hearing is one of the first faculties developed in the womb. It is also a fact that in order to comprehend music, hearing, in the form of focused listening and strong concentration, must occur.

Development of powers of concentration, together with the ability to listen with discrimination and heightened perception, have a profound impact on all learning in the life of a child.

It is no longer anecdotal but a matter of scientifically proven fact that children who have good, strong music teaching have advantages in all other areas of learning."

Richard Gill

Artistic Director of Sydney Symphony Education Program