using music to help young people struggling with depression and anxiety


The Green Room Band Programme.jpg

The Green Room Charitable Trust provides a safe and welcoming environment where youth struggling with anxiety and depression or bullying can express themselves through music. 
Developed and facilitated by passionate musicians, the trust’s focus is on creativity and enjoyment. Therefore, participants don’t need to be accomplished musicians. Instead, the Green Room is a place for experimentation and self-expression where anything goes, whether that’s jamming with a guitar, banging on the drums, singing to one’s heart’s content or, simply, listening and observing.
We hope The Green Room will allow young people to re-connect with themselves through music and connect with other people on the same musical and life journey.
The Green Room is open every Tuesday from 7:30pm at Eliette's Music Academy in Albany. The cost is $50 per term for 10 sessions. Music scholarships for youth in Auckland wishing to attend The Green Room are available. Contact us today for more information.