Eliette is wonderful with the children. She has a real ability to engage with each individual child in the class and draw them into the action. The children really respond to her warmth and sense of fun. Eliette is very popular with our daughter who counts down each sleep between music days and often tells me with great delight that ‘Eliette is my favourite’.
— Belinda & Rose (2)
My 10-year-old son has been doing drum lessons with Nick for almost a year now. He thoroughly enjoys it! Nick has a real passion for the drums, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is able to really connect with my son and gets home to focus and enjoy drums.
— Emily
As a teacher, I have found Eliette to be capable beyond her years. Her musical knowledge is unquestionably up to the job, but more importantly, her ability to provide coaching and communicate her requirements to students and parents often much older than her has clearly demonstrated to me her high standards of responsibility.
— Gordon Harvey - Simply Music Teacher
Imagine reminding your child to practice brings a smile on her face and almost a sprint to the piano. It doesn’t happen every time but it has happened. The songs are fun and she can play songs that are more difficult than her music reading ability. As with language, I believe it helps to learn to speak before learning to read.
Bella also learns singing from Eliette. Not only does it help with rhythm and tone, it has also helped her speak clearly and project her voice for school presentations.
I highly recommend the simply music method of learning piano if the aim is for your child to enjoy music for life. And Ms Eliette is very patient and her happy bubbly personality makes music fun.
— Christina & Bella (7)