Singing Lessons

Singing lessons for kids ages 5+

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At EMA Singing we work on diction, pronunciation, confidence, technique, story telling and performance. Each student is different, each with their own unique voice. The classes are custom designed to fit the needs of each individual as we work on range expansion, vocal flexibility and core strength.

Confidence building affects all aspects of life and is a very important teaching aspect that we cover here at EMA. Singing lessons are also known to develop core strength and correct breathing techniques.

EMA’s singing lessons are fun and full of laughter. The tutors create a safe, warm and comfortable environment where their students can grow and flourish, building confidence whilst learning the strong foundations of singing. EMA's goal at the end of the day is to inspire our students.

We follow the Rock School London Syllabus for all our singing lessons, and cover technical and theoretical skills in a structured and modern context while still allowing flexibility in song choice.

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Performance Masterclasses & showcases

Run every 3rd Friday of the month we cover microphone techniques, stage presence, performance skills and more. Regular performance is so important, so prepare a song, have a jam and come learn about yourself and potential as a performer. Open to all singers and musicians aged 13+.

Tickets $20 - Bookings are essential.

And… each year, EMA holds a Christmas Showcase were all students are welcomed to perform items that they’ve been working on throughout the year.

It’s an absolutely incredible weekend which always leaves us teachers and parents incredibly proud of our students.

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Private tuition for all ages 7+

At EMA it is extremely important to us that each student has a strong understanding of how their voice works. It is important that we all have fun and enjoy music as a life long companion and are able to self express and self discover in the process. 

All of our tutors are experts in their field with a wealth of knowledge to pass on to their students.

There is a lot of fun that is had at EMA and we welcome you to join in the magic of music making!