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Nick Douch - drum teacher albany

Nick Douch


Nick has been drumming for 20 years, playing in concert and jazz bands through high school before joining a rock band at the age of 16. For the last 4 years Nick has been the drummer in Auckland based band Ekko Park which has seen him play everywhere from clubs to arenas to festivals in NZ and overseas, as well as releasing two albums which have had both chart and radio success and a nomination at the NZ Music Awards. Nick also performs and records with a number of other kiwi musicians. As well as the the above, Nick also has a Bachelors in Media Arts, majoring in Music and teaches drums to all ages. 


Jesse Reeves


Jesse fell in love with music at the age of 13 after inheriting his mother’s first guitar. He went on to discover the joy and groove of playing the bass, inspired by gospel funk and heavy metal. He spent the next 4 years playing for bands in his church and school, and a musical director for many projects.

Jesse then started gigging almost every week, gaining all the experience he could along the way to realising his dream of becoming a professional musician. At the same time, he successfully completed his Bachelor of Musical Arts at MAINZ in Auckland.

Jesse has had great success playing for up to 8 active projects at a time across various genres and has been blessed to play at some of the best venues in NZ. It has also been his honour to work with renowned international producers.

Jesse has a passion for song writing and believes that music should be something that you do for fun and with passion and love to fulfil your creative soul. 

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Too many times have I seen talented people be put off playing music just because they were forced into it. I aim to change that in the way I teach and share my knowledge.
— Jesse
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Jasmine Butler-Reeves


Being a singer from an early age, Jasmine has always had a life long passion for creativity and music but it wasn’t until she began studying a Bachelor of Musical Arts at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand in 2015 that her passion transcended onto playing the piano and songwriting. 

Jasmine has been involved in a wide range of musical projects from completing an Auckland wide high school tour in 2016 and being the front man for several bands covering numerous genres to being a session pianist and vocalist for multiple recording artists. 

Jasmine now strives to inspire the younger generation into having a life long love for learning, performing and creating music. 


Louise Vea


Growing up in church, and constantly being surrounded by music, Louise quickly gained interest in the drums after hearing the church drummer perform a drum solo at the age of 13. It was not long after this encounter that she was given her very own drum kit as an early Christmas present and soon found herself playing drums at church. With goals and aspirations to become a better musician, Louise joined various competitions including Smokefree Rockquest and Pacifica beats and was awarded as 'Best Female Musician'. She also played for her High School Jazz band and was awarded ‘Musician of the Year’. She is passionate about music and hopes to inspire others, with the gift of drums, as others have inspired her! 

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Mina Topic


Jasmina found companionship in the piano from birth. She started her musical education at the age of 6 and completed her studies with a Bachelors Degree in Music from the Music Academy in Macedonia, majoring in Music Theory and Pedagogy. 

She chose percussion as a second instrument in high school, while the first instrument was always the piano.

After her graduation, she started giving individual piano lessons to young students to gain experience and to develop her own methods of teaching. 

Since 2011 she has been teaching in various international schools across Europe, mainly in Music education / Music appreciation, as well as individual piano lessons and school choir.

Recently Jasmina moved with her family from the heart of music – Vienna, Austria to beautiful, sunny Auckland. She’s looking forward to new challenges and experiences.

Her passion is teaching students how to express themselves through music and gaining self-confidence in the presentation of their art to an audience.


Teia Kennedy


Combining rich tones, soulful lyrics, original styling and a pure energy, Teia Kennedy is an emerging singer-songwriter who consistently captivates audiences with 'storytelling' performances that are well beyond her years.

Having dedicated the past decade to performing, studying, teaching and creating music in Hawke’s Bay, Raglan and Auckland the Bachelor of Musical Arts graduate is thrilled to join the Eliette’s Music Academy teaching staff and share her vocal and instrumental knowledge with others.   
In addition to delivering private music tuition to children and mentoring high school students, Teia has previously received Creative Arts NZ funding to develop and oversee youth songwriting workshops which focussed on encouraging young people to be creative and expressive with music.

Teia was a finalist in the Play It Strange, Smokefree Rockquest and Pacifica Beats series during her high school years and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to begin her tertiary study at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) in 2016.  
“Music is a gift that we can nurture, grow, share and develop to create something very special and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to help teach others to express their passion for music, learn the relevant skills and build confidence in their performance.”

Heavily inspired by the words and world around her, the 21-year-old acoustic artist recorded and released her first professional EP “Stranger Tides” in 2018 and has proudly launched Teia Kennedy Music, an ethical brand established to embrace the arts, grow live performance communities, foster kindness and care for the environment.

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Music is a gift that we can nurture, grow, share and develop to create something very special and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to help teach others to express their passion for music, learn the relevant skills and build confidence in their performance
— teia

Scott Patience


Scott grew up with a professional Violinist, Pianist, Guitarist and
Vocalist. In this musical home, he developed a keen passion for Drums in all it’s varieties; he undertook drum lessons from the young age of 7 right up to age 19, with numerous amazing drum teachers… some specialised in drum theory and technique, whilst others specialised in performance and style.

Having drummed and performed for numerous bands over the years; his most recent band consisted of two very talented Japanese musicians, whilst he lived and studied in Japan.


Melanie Fraser


Born in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Melanie is a singer-songwriter, pianist and vocalist. She has been teaching music for the past 4 years in Canada and internationally. Melanie began singing and playing the piano 11 years ago at church as well as performing in local community theatres and choirs. She has a huge passion for music and has traveled around the world leading in church bands as well as speaking, at events and conferences. She studied voice all throughout high school and further receiving a 2-year contemporary music certificate from a college in America. She recorded her first EP (Faithful and True) in 2013 and continues to write and record music in a variety of different styles such as jazz, soul, pop and Christian Contemporary Music. Melanie is a enthusiastic, encouraging and excellent vocal coach that finds joy in bringing out the best in peoples voices. Helping others to find their voice and style that’s unique to them. Her passion for music is contagious and she finds joy in encouraging others to grow and become the best they can be while having fun along the way! 


Barkin Sertkaya


Hailing from Anatolia, Barkin is a performer, academic and a space enthusiast.

He holds more than a decade of experience in tertiary and primary education, while carrying out his career as a multi-instrumentalist with a specialisation in classical guitar. During his 11 years of conservatoire education with full scholarship in Ankara, he had the pleasure of performing many concertos with local orchestras. By competing in various national/ international competitions, he thinks that Bela Bartok was rightful with his words " Competitions are for horses, not artists." For a relatively long time he toured many cities and countries as the lead guitarist for Cem Adrian band. In this grand tour, he got further acquainted with contemporary music and performance practice and learned the ways of jazz and pop.

Barkin's scope of teaching expertise ranges across various international academia including the celebrated Bilkent University- College of Music and Performing Arts, Cankaya University and the University of Auckland-School of Music. Barkin quintessentially blends pedagogical experience, classical Western ethos and Eastern philosophy, while respecting the contemporary techniques of leading schools and virtuosos of the globe. As a science fan and a celestial inquisitive, he enjoys reflecting on existence and channel the thoughts into his art, education method and persona.