holiday programmes

From drum clinics to musical theatre to recording your very own original song there is something for everyone aged 5-18 to enjoy each school holidays

Music rhapsody

Our preschool music programme is divided into 3 levels to accomodate for each level of growth and development. A thrilling 45 minutes or dancing, singing and making music the whole family will enjoy

piano lessons

A ground breaking, jaw dropping piano programme with fantastic results. You won’t be begging your children to practice, instead watch them flourish with great drive and enthusiasm for the keys


Drum lessons

Does your child enjoy banging things repeatedly? Then drums is just the right thing for them!

Singing Lessons

Release your inner Gaga with our fun singing lessons. Learn correct breathing techniques, articulation, pronunciation and performance skills. Singing lessons encourage confidence on and off the stage. A super valuable tool to acquire

NZ Girls Choir

Encouraging confidence and helping to build friendships for life. The New Zealand Girls Choir is a thorough performing arts program covering movement, song and drama through Orff and Kodaly teachings


Band / Jamming Programme

Jamming with people is such a skill to learn! In our band programme kids workshop songs, write original material and put into action what they learn in private lessons each week

Songwriting club

Learn how to write a catchy tune at our monthly workshops. Workshop focused on lyric writing, chord structures, rhyming and rhythms and much much more

The Green Room

Our Charitable trust supporting Teenagers struggling with Mental Health.