eliette roslin

Eliette Roslin


Eliette sang before she could speak. Music has always played an important role in her life, beginning with the Australian Girls Choir and Simply Music Piano at 5 years of age.

She began writing music from the age of 9 and at 17 was placed in the top 50 of the Play It Strange songwriting competition in New Zealand with her song “Believe”. 

At 15, Neil Moore mentored Eliette as she began teaching Simply Music Piano, being the first teacher for New Zealand and the youngest to ever do so in the world. 

After high school she moved to Amsterdam to study under Karin Bloemen, a dutch singer, entertainer and comedian. She continued her studies when moving to Sydney to attend the Australian Institute of Music where she was surrounded by talented classmates and tutors. Mentored by the likes of Nina Harris, Trish Delaney-Brown, Sean Coffin, Steve Henderson & Jamie Rigg. In 2015 she graduated with her Bachelors of Contemporary Performance, majoring in Vocals and released her first EP “Black Kisses”. Later that year she trained with Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody Programme to teach preschoolers. 

Eliette believes music is an extremely powerful tool and encourages all her students to be creative, song write and channel their energy into music.

Eliette’s musical career has only just begun. In a short time she has created her own brand of teaching and her philosophies in general have hit their mark and impacted already a great deal of people. Her journey has only just begun and the future looks exciting for both her Academy and the New Zealand Girls Choir.