Are you too old to start taking music lessons? (No!)

Adult music lessons at Eliette's Music Academy

You’re not a kid anymore, but you’ve always wanted to learn music. Maybe you had piano lessons that you regret quitting as a kid, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to sing. Is it too late? No! Is there hope? Yes! There is definitely hope. You can learn to play or sing no matter what age you are.

Learning music at any age is absolutely possible. However, learning anything at any age is not without its challenges. Here are some reality checks about taking music lessons as an adult, so that you can overcome them. If you are ready for them, you won’t go down the same road as many other adult students.

Taking a Few Lessons is Not Enough

A common misconception with music lessons is you can just take a few lessons and that’s all you need. I’m often asked, “How many lessons will I need?” The answer is a lot. Think years and years. The music you want to play is going to take a while to get to. You need to learn the basics of your instrument, the basics of reading music, and a lot more.

With that said, if you practice, you’ll be able to play the music that you enjoy much faster. If you make a long-term commitment to lessons, you are much more likely to succeed than if you just plan on taking just a few.

Finding Time to Practice

Adult piano lessons at Eliette's Music Academy

You will not get better without practice. Period. One lesson a week and no practice equals zero progress. Music is a learned skill. You have to practice often. You should try to practice every day, or honestly, you’re throwing your money away on lessons that will do nothing for you.

How long should you practice though? The more the better. I would say at bare minimum you should try to put in 15-20 minutes of practice a day. You’ll get better if you practice that much. It will be slow, but you’ll progress. A half-hour to an hour would be even better. Think of where you’ll be in a couple of years with an hour of music practice a day. You’ll be pretty good. Really, you’ll surprise yourself.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Anyone can learn. Just because practicing seems to be hard for you, doesn’t mean you are incapable of learning music. It’s hard for everyone. Adults struggle, teenagers struggle, kids struggle, and professionals struggle. Those who work through the difficulties are those that reap the rewards.

Don’t Underestimate the Rewards of Music

Playing music is ridiculously rewarding. Imagine getting home from a hard day of work, and instead of reaching for your computer to look through Facebook, or reaching for your remote to binge-watch another series on Netflix, you can sit down with your instrument and play beautiful music. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Playing an instrument relieves stress. It helps you get your mind off of difficulties in your life. Music has such restorative power that it’s even used as medical therapy for those with special cognitive, emotional, social, or physical needs.

You can learn. You can be good. You can impress your friends and family. You can have a fun and uplifting hobby. Maybe you can even get a gig or two and make a couple of bucks playing. It’s possible with practice and hard work.

Start lessons. You’ll be glad you did.